Monday, October 12, 2009

Lab 1

This past Monday I completed my first lab at St. Mary's. Going into it i was a bit unsure how the kids would react and behave during all of the activities we put them through. My thoughts quickly changed when i arrived and saw how excited all of the kids got that we were there. We started out helping another group play endless bucket, this was a really fun game because there were a couple question mark cards in the bucket. These meant that we could have the kids do whatever we wanted, my favorite was to see if they could rub their stomach and pat their head at the same time. We then moved on to our activity which was scooter races. The kids went crazy when we brought the scooters in! It ended up being a very fun activity to watch and some even participated in it. All in all the first lab at St. Mary's was definitely a positive experience for me. I hope to have many more of these in the labs to come.

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