Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Batman saves the day again!

This past monday we completed our second lab at St. Mary's school. The theme was superheroes so it was very easy and fun for the kids to participate in. My group all wore batman symbols on our black shirts to help the kids get excited about the games we were going to play. We organized our own game "Batman Tag," and tried it out on the kids. It was definitely a success just due to the fact that the kids wanted to wear the batman and joker symbols that we brought with us. After the game we went outside with the kids where we ran around and played tag and also made a little obstacle course on the monkey bars and rings. The goal was to go from the monkey bars to the rings without touching the ground. I was having trouble not touching the ground when I got to the rings, and so was one of my group members Anthony. As we were trying to do this a little girl. i think her name was Margaret, hopped up on the monkey bars and went to the rings and back to the playground without touching the ground once! All in all the second lab was very fun and I look forward to all of the future labs that we have.

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  1. I hope you realized how something as simple as having a joker and a batman in tag can change the whole dynamic of the game. The more the kids can use their imagination and relate to what you are saying the more involved they will want to be.