Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dodgeball in the Hall of Shame??

While i agree with kickball being inducted into the hall of shame, due to the fact that there are always kids standing around not doing anything, or not wanting to participate. Dodgeball on the other hand can be modified to be suitable for a physical education setting. The big problem with dodgeball in many schools today is the fact that it is dangerous and that the bigger kids will always have a little bit of an advantage. One major modification that can be made to ensure safety is to exclude headshots and anything above the waist. Another modification is to have the kids play with a softer ball, perhaps foam.
My version of dodgeball which i believe will be suitable to play in schools is divide the class into four equal teams. Have two teams on the court at once playing standard dodgeball with foam balls and all shots below the waist. The other two teams will stand along each edge of the court and act as a boundary. They will also be able to pass balls to their team and be able to try to get the other team out if a ball comes to them.
This version of dodgeball will include the entire class and also leep safety as the number one priority. In my opinion, dodgeball is a game that if played with the correct modifications can make its way out of the Hall of Shame.

Batman saves the day again!

This past monday we completed our second lab at St. Mary's school. The theme was superheroes so it was very easy and fun for the kids to participate in. My group all wore batman symbols on our black shirts to help the kids get excited about the games we were going to play. We organized our own game "Batman Tag," and tried it out on the kids. It was definitely a success just due to the fact that the kids wanted to wear the batman and joker symbols that we brought with us. After the game we went outside with the kids where we ran around and played tag and also made a little obstacle course on the monkey bars and rings. The goal was to go from the monkey bars to the rings without touching the ground. I was having trouble not touching the ground when I got to the rings, and so was one of my group members Anthony. As we were trying to do this a little girl. i think her name was Margaret, hopped up on the monkey bars and went to the rings and back to the playground without touching the ground once! All in all the second lab was very fun and I look forward to all of the future labs that we have.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lab 1

This past Monday I completed my first lab at St. Mary's. Going into it i was a bit unsure how the kids would react and behave during all of the activities we put them through. My thoughts quickly changed when i arrived and saw how excited all of the kids got that we were there. We started out helping another group play endless bucket, this was a really fun game because there were a couple question mark cards in the bucket. These meant that we could have the kids do whatever we wanted, my favorite was to see if they could rub their stomach and pat their head at the same time. We then moved on to our activity which was scooter races. The kids went crazy when we brought the scooters in! It ended up being a very fun activity to watch and some even participated in it. All in all the first lab at St. Mary's was definitely a positive experience for me. I hope to have many more of these in the labs to come.