Monday, November 9, 2009

Pre-K Rules!!

This past lab it was our turn to work with the pre-k kids. Going into the lab i was a little bit nervous due to the fact that it was our first time working with the pre-k kids. My nervous thoughts immediately left me once i entered the classroom. The moment we walked in all of the kids looked and seemed to get excited. At first i sat down at one of the tables and drew with some of the kids, i drew a ghost that actually scared one of the kids! A young boy then asked me if I wanted to play with the toy cars and trucks on the mat that they had in the room. This was the most fun i've had in a while because i used to love to play with cars when i was a child. We then went outside to go see the other pre-k class. The first thing i did when i was out there was go to the ice cream shop under the slide where i got ice cream, soda, fruit, cheese and crackers, and chips. I also played tag as a pokemon with one of the young boys. The last thing I did with the kids was read them the book "Carmine Takes a Nap." This was a book about a cat that took naps at all different places in the house, this was an enjoyable experience for me because the book got some good laughs out of the kids and this was also good work for me to get used to interacting with the kids and knowing what they like. All in all this was the most fun i've had yet at a lab, just because the kids were not afraid to talk to you at all or tell you any stories.

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  1. The pre-k kids can be alot of fun but it is important to understand that they are much different from the older students. Great job using your imagination and letting them serve you ice cream and soda under the slide.